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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Future Brownie Leader and Nora Progress

Stuey's love of fire. Our Sunday night firepit with our neighbor friend tending the fire. 

This past two weeks there have been several things on my plate...

In the fall I'll be leading a Brownie Girl Scout Troop and have attended a few meetings to see how the flow of meetings go, meet other leaders, etc. I wasn't a girl scout myself growing up, so at first the idea of being a leader was daunting. Could I learn the girl scout pledge? And the songs? And figure out the patch system? I've decided that I'm not indimidated by challenges and yes, I could achieve  these goals. The other local leaders are lovely; at the team meeting they all smiled so warmly and sincerely and gave me the sense that I take my troupe in whatever direction I chose.

As Patrick and I talked about leading a troupe, we thought of the various outdoor activities we could do with the girls and got excited. He is all about helping me out with the outdoor activities-camping, cooking outside, plant/bird identifying, etc. Our group won't start until the fall, which gives me some time to memorize girl scout songs!

People have asked me how Nora's program is going. We are on week 3 and its fabulous. Its going better than I ever would have dreamed of. Yesterday on our way into my clinic, Nora said, "you know mom, if you want to do this with me 7 days a week instead of 5, that would be good! I would like that!". I smiled to myself, pleased that she is enjoying her activities so much. I'm glad she sees it less as work and more as special 1:1 time. The crux of the matter is that it is very hard brainwork and I am amazed by the progress in two weeks, and the fact that she doesn't understand just how challenging it is.

She has graduated from several of the exercises...and progressed onto more challenging ones. The other day with the activity which involves her raising her right leg, then left leg, then left arm, then right arm, then repeat (called Robots-all done while laying down), Nora said, "Mom, this is so easy for me. I don't need this anymore". This was music to my ears, because yes-it HAD gotten easier for her. But when we first started it, this exercise was incredibly challenging for her.

17 more weeks to go of her program and I think they are going to fly. The exercises are very specifically laid out for the entire 20 weeks and every day the program is different, which keeps it engaging for Nora and myself. I have prep work before the sessions to lay out her program and learn how to cue the various exercises as well. There is a learning curve for both of us!

This month in my physical therapy clinic, I"m switching over to an electronic medical records system from my old paper/pen filing system. The system I'm using (webpt) seems very user friendly, but I need to give myself time to use it and learn it. I've halted all new physical therapy referrals indefinitely, as I need time to enter my new clients into this system and start figuring out the kinks. This will help me really catch up with it and not feel overwhelmed with learning the ins/outs of a new program.


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