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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bridging Ceremony

Yesterday Nora participated in her first Girl Scouts Bridging Ceremony. This is where the girls go from Daisy troop to Brownies, Brownies to Juniors, etc... 

This was my first ever bridging ceremony and it was so beautiful. The girl scout 'Color Guard' carried the flags out and there was explanation about the history of bridging and how the ceremony is run.

The daisies lined up on the left, then one by one walked over the bridge where the brownies were waiting. They did a girl scout hand shake with the receiving Brownies and were officially Brownies!

The coolest part is how the electricity was out town wide at the set up of the ceremony. People brought in candles and things were going to proceed wonderfully in the dark when the lights came back on. It was cool to see how everyone came together to continue with the ceremony in the dark if needed!

Girl scouts has been a wonderful extra curricular activity this year and I'm in training to be a brownie leader in the fall. 


The girl scout color guard at the beginning of the ceremony. 

Nora crossing the bridge to become a brownie. 

Nora doing the girl scout shake. 

When the lights were out during preparations, the show was going to go on with candles!

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