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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Fling 2013...Prom the way it was meant to be!

Last night Patrick and I attended a fundraiser for the new Kodiak Public Library-a Spring Fling Prom 2013. Prom the way it was meant to be--complete with spiked punch!

My friends Kate and Sara hosted it, and it was held in Kate's house, which includes a small gym. This worked perfectly for a prom style dance (see pictures below)-completed with dropped ceiling!

The theme was 80's/retro prom and it was fun to see the outfits people came up with. For Prom court votes, people paid $1 a vote and ballot box stuffing was highly encouraged for fundraising purposes! 

I tried to stuff the ballot box for votes for Alexis (see below) because I just adored her glitter eyelashes and tiara! But it didn't work. In the end, myself and Corey Pedersen were voted Prom Queen and King! So fun!  After we were announced as the Prom Court winners, the music was turned on and Corey and I had a dance together. I was laughing so hard-it was all quite funny!

My hair-I happened to have a haircut due, so I asked my stylist to do an 80's look after she gave me a trim. I was amazed at the altitude she got out of my bangs with mass quantities of mousse and hairspray! When I woke up in the middle of the night last night, my hand would be stuck to my hair. I had to peel it away several times. The downside of big hair. 

The Dress-I wore my prom dress from my high school senior prom! My stepmom made it and she was thrilled to hear it would get another night of use. It was so comfortable and I was thrilled it still fit. My date from high school, Jesse Mickelson, was in attendance at the party as well, which was fun! Blast from the past. 

A fun night for great cause! 


Altitude Hair and jean jacket madness!

Group shot of ladies

Alexis and I. 

Go 80's!

Prom King and Queen...the dance! I couldn't stop laughing. 

Group picture

The guys who graduated in the 80's

The dance floor

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