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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Touch of Spring~First Firepit of the Year

The pack-all 7 of us!

Walking on  Near Island

This April we have had several weeks of below freezing temperatures. This cooler weather follows what has been a fairly mild winter. 

In the past day or two have the numbers creeped into mid 30's and it feels so good-a breeze that isn't quite so bone chilling. Today we went to near island for a walk and brought the whole family-including the 3 dogs. Tanks first trip to Near Island with us; he loved it. (And in the picture above, you'll notice Patrick with glasses...he just got them for driving, outdoor activities and night driving.) 

This afternoon while I took Nora and her girlfriend to the Helen Keller production, Patrick and Stuey fired up the BBQ pit at home. They got the coals ready to cook some food on! 

At 5, Friends came over, and we grilled up all sorts of goodies, including warming up tanner crab, smores, sausages and grilled marinated veggies. The kids oscillated between throwing sticks in the fire, biking on the driveway, going on the buoy swing and eating. There are two neighbor girls from down the street who come up to play who are just lovely; nice manners, observant and great with Nora and Stuey. They joined in as well this evening. 

Quick pic sans dogs

marshmallow heaven
Roxann and I trying to smile with food in our mouth!  

Firepit goodness-sausages, tanner crab, corn and veggies

Friends came over as well as the neighbor girls down the street!

Stuey in smore heaven. 

Spring is finally here!


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