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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finally Some New Snow!

While it has been cold and very winter-like ever since February it has also been super dry. Clear, cold sunny days (and nights) - really nothing to complain about.  But it has been over a month since we had a significant snow fall.  I've noticed that even though it has been cold that the snow has been sublimating away and that all of the local lakes have thawed out anyway.  These days the sun is just too strong for winter to stand a chance - even if the temperature does manage to stay below freezing.

And, finally, today we got some significant snow.  We got a couple of inches at the house that has almost disappeared already, and up at the pass we got one to two FEET of new snow.  The photo above is the view of the road out my windscreen while driving home from my daily ski.  There was so much snow I was lucky that I got home.  For a while there my car was high centering and ploughing snow like a full on snowplow.


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