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Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Afognak Scenics

My hectic summer schedule has continued.  Last week I spent 3 days in the field in Old Harbor doing a small archaeological survey that entailed LOTS of test pits.  And yesterday I flew with Zoya, Leona and the kids for a 2 week vacation in New England.  So hectic that I still have not posted all my favorites from Afognak.  Here they are - up above is of the graveyard while below is the creek at the northeast end of town.

The old store out in the lake where the tsunami washed it in 1964.

A pretty beach view from the southwest end of town looking towards Graveyard Point in the distance.

Another view of the lake with all the dead spruce trees killed by the salt water due to subsidence after the 1964 earthquake.

The big beach just north of Graveyard Point looking towards Lipsett Point.

Another view of the big beach at the 'Aleut town' end of Afognak Village looking towards Graveyard point.  That's the Old Believers potato patch in the foreground.  Patrick

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