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Friday, June 08, 2012

Salmon Camp and Headed to Afognak

 This past week was Nora and Stuey's first time at Kodiak's weeklong Salmon Camp. Nora and Stuey went every day from 9-1 and have absolutely loved it.
This spring when I told Nora I signed her up for Salmon camp, she was not happy and nervous about it. Once camp started, she was in LOVE with it. Every morning she asks, "how many minutes until we leave for salmon camp?"
Yesterday on the drive home Nora asked if they can do salmon camp again next year.

From what I can tell, the kids do fun arts and crafts activities, play on the beach and learn about water, and fish.

This afternoon we leave for Afognak to meet up with Patrick and the rest of the archaeology crew out there for 2 days. The weather is gorgeous and it will be a fun weekend.


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