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Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation Moments

 Our trip to Massachusetts has been filled with fun times at the small sandy beach and lake that is within walking distance of Emmy and Georges house. Granny Emmy, above with kids  and Grandpa George, below.

 George gave Stuey a piggy back ride in the water! Temperatures have been in the 80's, which makes lake time a necessity to cool off later in the afternoon! Jumping off the dock is a favorite pastime of Nora and Stuey.

  Patrick takes the kids on kayak trips around the lake.

 And a few pictures from our trip East. An airport picture from Anchorage. Stuey had some low moments on the plane from Anchorage to Seattle. Fortunately he slept for the trip from Seattle into Boston.

 Go girl flying power! Nora was thrilled to get a sneak peak into the cockpit!

 Today on the train...whizzing into Boston on the Boston Transit "T". Stuey was in HEAVEN. It was a moment he has been waiting for. For months.


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