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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Archaeology Field Season

Archaeology field season has officiallly begun.

This time of year is full of evening barbeques, people coming and going and houseguests from all over the world. There is a certain energy that the trips bring; a chance to reconnect with archaeologists who have traveled through before as well as a time to meet new people.

Patrick just returned from the Karluk river from a 1 week survey. And tomorrow he leaves again for Afognak island for a survey with an archaeology crew from Seattle. 

Right now we are hosting Bob (middle in pic) and Ross (right). Ross first was in Kodiak 13 years ago when he was weathered in Kodiak for 10 days. He stayed with Patrick and did archeology here while he was stuck. This was before I knew Patrick.

Bob was also there during that fabled trip and they did a "Best Cheap Beer" contest, No "Ice" or "Light" beer was allowed. We still have the formal tally sheet!
(For pictures of Bob shooting bottle rockets off our cliff from a gutter in the 1990's, and other visiting archaeology stories and pictures, click here.)

The weather is nice, gear is almost all packed and the crew heads out tomorrow. In 2 days, the kids and I will venture out to Afognak to visit Patrick and see all the action for 2 days. It will be the first time I bring the kids along on an archaeology trip.


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