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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reflections on Afognak

 The kids and I traveled to Afognak to visit Patrick and the archaeology crew doing a survey on Old Afognak Village. This was a village that was abandoned after the 1964 earthquake and Tsunami. It was relocated to Port Lions.

We saw different old churches, houses, banya's, store, cellars, etc as we walked around the acres and acres of land. There was one house that had just been built and never lived in when the earthquake hit. It had a Dutch style look to it. I thought about how hard that must've been for the owner to build such a beautiful home and to never live in it.
 We did some great exploring with Patrick and got some good beach time. My heart leaped into my throat a few times with river crossings and tree climbings. The wild is so good for kids...and adults alike!!

 Patrick and the 3 other archaeologists will be there through this next week.

 It was hard for us to leave without Patrick. The tide was out, so Patrick had to help push the plane into deeper waters before we took off. He also had to carry me on his back out to the plane, as I didn't have hip waders on. Bless his heart!
Bye, Bye Afognak until next time!


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