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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gathering Eggs and Feeding Pigs

 Today we visited Patrick's Aunt and Uncles Farm right down the road. They have cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and horses.  The farm is over a hundred years old and Patrick has lots of great memories visiting it as a kid.
 Nora and Stuey had a ball plucking eggs out of the chickens nests.  The long plywood door to the back of the nest folded open which revealed a line of little cubbies where the chickens laid their eggs. Some of the cubbies still had chickens in them laying their eggs; Patrick wasn't shy about sticking his hand under the chickens to retrieve 3 or 4 warm eggs.
Afterwards, the kids weighed the eggs to see which grade they are (Extra large, etc...).
 I decided if I decide to take a sabbatical from life, this is where you'll find me. Tending to the animals on Charlescotte Farm! It is such a beautiful place.

 And here in the evenings, Patrick and Emmy cook wonderful meals together. Tonight Patrick prepared the artichokes while Emmy made a fabulous Hollaindaise sauce!
Tomorrow we drive up to North to begin the Maine portion of our vacation with family and friends!


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