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Thursday, September 01, 2011

More Brooks Range

Just a few more photos from Gregg and I's recent Sheep hunt in the Brooks Range. In the top photo Gregg does crossword puzzles by the wood stove inside the teepee. We ended up taking along propane and a small camping stove but we need not have bothered. We did practically all of our cooking on the wood stove and barely used a can of propane. We discovered that in the Brooks Range there is willow up to about 4300 feet in every valley and that finding wood to burn was not a problem.

In the second photo Gregg looks back down what had been a grueling climb up to a 6000 foot pass. We found that very few people seemed to have hiked beyond these passes and hunted the valleys on the other side.

The next 2 photos are of us and the sheep we harvested. We nicknamed him 'Rudy the Ram', and it sure was a relief to find a full curl ram. We looked over 45 rams before we finally found this guy and none were sure thing full curl rams. You are only allowed to shoot full curl rams and we definitely did not want to get in trouble for shooting anything less, and so we patiently continued to glass every sheep in search of the elusive full curl. Rudy made our already worthwhile trip something special.

We've already eaten a bit of Rudy and I must say sheep meat lives up to its reputation. Some of the meat is even marbled with fat. He will be good eating.

Finally the bottom photo is of Gregg on the move with his portion of the camping gear. Every other day or so we moved camp a few miles so that we could hunt new valleys. Patrick

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