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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jewel Beach

Zoya's out of town this weekend for some sort of PT training class so it is just the kids and me holding down the fort (and the dogs of course). This morning we all went out to a beach to pick up sea glass. At the end of WWII the military dumped a lot of stuff onto this particular beach and over time all the broken bottles and trash has turned into treasure. You can find really cool pieces of brass, old copper wire burnished brightly by beach gravel, old stainless steel cutlery with the USN insignia, and even the occasional coin. But what I really like is all the sea glass. It's like the beach is made of multi-colored gum drops. We spent an hour on the beach picking up beach glass while the dogs ran around and ate old spawned out pink salmon that had floated up dead on the beach. Patrick

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