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Sunday, September 11, 2011


We just returned from a quick trip to Afognak. Patrick was helping historical archaeologists from down south who are documenting the whole Afognak village site. The kids and I stayed on the beach for 6 hours yesterday while the guys were off doing their work. Loved hanging out while Stuey dug holes, Nora and I drew pictures on rocks, watched the sea otters frolic, kept the fire in the woodstove in our tent going....the time flew by. We came home early because of an impending storm-there was a big chance that we would get stuck there until Monday had we stayed the full two days.
The tent Patrick and I stayed in is officially DONE with. It is 20+ years old, leaks, smells....Patrick used it in Baffin Island in his early 20's when he was doing archaeology.
The kids used the new green tent. To set it up, you inflate it! Instead of tent poles, there are "air beams". VERY cool. So quick to set up. Patrick pumped the pump bag a few times and it was set up. No more wrestling with tent poles...

Not just a rock...see the petroglyphs? This batch is on the point we stay at on Agonak. The petroglyphs were first documented in the 60's by Donald Clark.

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