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Monday, September 26, 2011

And They're Off!

The guys left on Saturday for the (10th) Annual Elk hunt on Afognak!
Friday night everyone flew in, packed like crazy, Mark lit the banya and last minute plans were made for the early morning departure.
In the morning, we had just long enough with the Elk crew for Bruce to make Stuey a few paper airplanes, and for us to watch the final packing touches.

Last week, we had friends over for a meal which ended up a 100% Alaska grown meal! See the picture!
The menu included roasted Kale and beets from our garden, smoked salmon, sheep roast (from Patrick's brook range trip), Angel Wing mushrooms and potatoes from the garden. The mushrooms were harvested locally off of fallen logs by Nick L, who knows about edible local mushrooms. He had a huge amount of them and we sauteed them in garlic and butter. Yum, yum!


The crew (sans Mike and Mark) Ray, Patrick, Bruce and Justin
Stuey watching Bruce pack up.
Bruce flying airplanes with Stuey...
The 100% Alaska meal.

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