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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Proxy Hunt Sunday

Today I harvested my first proxy deer of the year. I hunt deer for older people who cannot hunt them on their own. Usually I am hunting proxy deer far earlier in the hunting season. I was lucky enough to find a babysitter willing to get to our house at dawn and to watch the kids for 8 hours. And so at dawn up the mountain I went.

I got to the top and the fog started to roll in (see photo). All the ravens were flying around and laughing at me (also in photo). I saw a small spike and opted not to shoot him, and then the fog really socked in. I could not see a thing and wandered around in a dense, wet cloud for a few hours. I was regretting not shooting the spike.

And then, just when i was about to give up and had not seen another deer since the spike - I found them. A group of forks all bedded down. I shot one of them, and then the real work began. It was a long hike back to the car, but Don ought to be happy with his deer meat! Patrick

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