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Monday, September 05, 2011

The Kodiak Rodeo

This weekend was the Kodiak Rodeo and fair. Our family enjoys this every year, and I especially love how much Patrick enjoys the fair. His favorite part is always the 4H exhibits where people submit chickens for exhibition, food, crafts, etc... He wants to submit some garden veggies with Nora next year.

This year was the first time we stayed for some of the rodeo. We did the pony rides, hay ride, acquired some pop corn balls and then sat down to watch the bull riding. This was the first time in my recent memory I have seen bull riding and it was something else. I can't help but think "ouch, ouch...potential injuries"...had thoughts of handing out my business card to the riders as they left the rink!!

At one point a bull escaped the pen, and went out into the arena. It charged the horse that had a rider on it, as well as one of the clowns. It was a little nerve racking with this bull running around the arena! Patrick started laughing so hard he was crying. The whole scene was something else...and very Kodiak!! The rodeo/horse scene is so unique and quite an adventure to watch. The stadium was packed full of spectators and the clown would run up and down the arena to get people excited and screaming. The new 2011 Miss. Kodiak Rodeo was crowned and there was goat tying, barrel racing as well. Good times at the Kodiak Rodeo.


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