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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mini Batches of Jelly & Jam

This fall, Patrick has been into making mini-batches of jam with the kids. Our friend Molly gave us a packet of pectin where there is no boiling required...simply mash the berries, mix the pectin and sugar and mix it all together. And voila~ yummy jam!

Even the cook method of jam making is quick, and easy to do with small batches of berries. For instance, today Stuey picked 2 cups of raspberries outside at my office and Patrick turned it into 2 good size jars of jam this evening.

We've made jams/jellies out of red currants, raspberries, strawberries and salmonberries! WIth the red currant jelly, patrick didn't add pectin, as he heard red currants have their own natural pectin in them. And it worked-the clear, red jelly gelled up without pectin!


1 comment:

Molly Odell said...

Cool! I am actually making a small batch of plum/blackberry jam right now!