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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Somwhere over the rainbow....

For years I have been quite loyal to a certain bank in town but over the past several months, I have received annoying phone, e-mail solicitations for this and that product. So annoying. I"m someone who wants to have my money safe and not be bothered by people offering supplemental this and that. Today I decided to cut the cord (spoken like a true birth professional) and fully transfer my personal account over to where I do my business banking (Credit Union One).

I went in to the bank (to remain nameless...) and explained that I wanted to close my account and briefly explained why.

"I get too many solicitations from this company and its too annoying. I want to have my money safe and not be bothered by people."

I expected the teller to try to reel me back in...use some good marketing tactics with me---offer me a trip to Hawaii or something (for the record, I would've buckled and given in, had that been the case).

But no. She said she had the same problem!!!

She said she had a pending payment on her credit card (it takes several days to process) and in that processing time, a representative from the bank kept calling her repeatedly on her cell phone, work phone and home phone asking if she'd like to make the payment sooner. Isn't that crazy?! Even the teller was annoyed and she had to tell the phone guy to quit bothering her with phone calls.

Anyhow, the sun came out today after 2.5 inches of rain yesterday. Wow. Fall is here in full force. I love it.


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Isiik said...

know the bank you are speaking of. They used to do the same thing to us, until we switched all our accounts to CU1. Non-Profit all the way!