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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Breakfast out the road

This morning, out at Bruhn Point on Womens Bay there was a beach clean up sponsored by theIsland Trails Network, Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak, and The Ocean Conservancy. The clean up began at 9 AM so we thought we'd have breakfast first at Java Flats and then move on over to Bruhn Point to help with the clean up. Nora and Stuie were quite excited by the prospect of breakfast out the road and the change in routine.

And what a day to go out the road! We ate outside on the deck at Java flats -in the morning sun. I had the carnivore breakfast burrito while Nora demolished her breakfast bean burrito all be herself. Stuey was more into the toys at Java Flat than eating breakfast. Nora enjoyed drinking the foam off of Zoya's latte.

At the beach, the kids picked up a few bits of trash but what Nora really wanted to do was climb the cliffs. It seems she is gravitating to cliffs. We really do seem to have a Lynn Hill on our hands! I do believe I will buy her a climbing harness and get her climbing cliffs safely! The water was flat calm the and all the hillsides are turning red.


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