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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Faster Steeper Higher Deeper

The Banff Mountain Centre's 'Radical Reels' film festival is coming to Kodiak! Coming this Friday (September 11) to Kodiak's own Gerald C. Wilson auditorium. Pretty exciting stuff - You will NOT catch me doing any of this on skiis! Except maybe the bit where they chase the reindeer while wearing old time gear). Check out the Youtube trailer at:

Here are the particulars:

Showtime is at 8:00 PM at the Gerald C. Wilson auditorium. $10 admission gets you a seat for the show and access to door prizes from Patagonia, Deuter, Petzl, Werner, Black Diamond and more. Tickets in advance at Orion’s or beginning at 7 PM at the door.
Hosted by Island Trails Network.
Sponsored by Orion’s Mountain Sports and the Alaska Kayak School

1 comment:

Pixie said...

Wow! Radical Reels is usually awesome. I try to see the Banff Mtn Film Festival and/or Radical Reels every year in Seattle. The original mtn film festival usually shows more than just extreme adventure films. Radical Reels is mostly adventure films: usually mtn biking, skiing, rock climbing, skydiving, etc. It will get your blood pumping! Enjoy!