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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Horsey rides, blow up Dora and Kodiak veggies

Yesterday Hailee and I took the kids to the Kodiak Rodeo and Fair. (In years past, I"ve gone without an extra set of hands, which has been a big mistake.) The main attraction was the toddler horsey rides which the 4H group sponsored. Nora was a little more tenative about the whole thing and wanted to watch Stuey go first. Stuey had a smile on his face and was chuckling as we went around the cones. Good thing I had a solid hand on him the entire time, because at the very end, the horse shook a flea off of himself--and the power involved with it was enough to potentially shake Stuey right off the horse. That pretty much ended the exursion for Stuey, as he turned down the final lap and went right to my arms. (He wants to go again today, so I"m thinking he doesn't remember the horse shaking part!!)

The other fun attraction for me was seeing the veggies that people submitted for the fair. Cool to see what people grow here in Kodiak! There was a huge cauliflower there. Some pretty big carrots, too!

The Alaska state fair was in Palmer last week and I must say, I"m completely happy with our Kodiak Rodeo and fair. Almost no lines, lots of kids, animals, friends and things to see! Just perfect. A little less is a lot more!


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