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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Harvest Home

This morning Patrick took the kids outside and harvested potatoes, carrots and beets. The kids helped with putting the potatoes in the bucket and pulling the greens off the carrots. Nora and Stuey eagerly carried their bins of goods into the house. Fall veggies are the best. Patrick is preparing a roast, salad and veggies tonight for dinner-a whole hearted Kodiak meal.

Last night I was at the hopsital for a birth-what a wonderful night it was!!! How I love doula work.

Patrick and I had planned a family camping trip, the car was all packed but at 5 PM I got the call that a doula client was in labor. Evidently Nora and Stuey were (understandably) quite distraught about the change in plans. Patrick said they cried for quite a while about not being able to go camping. Makes me realize how I really need to coordinate with Katie (also a doula) so if I plan such an event, I can go no matter what. Being on call ALL the time has had some challenging moments the past 3 months. I am learning that I need to find a better balance my family with doula work-which I so love and enjoy. And fortunately Patrick supports me in the doula work, but after last night he sees that having back up, or a loose "on call" schedule would help. And my doula clients will know in advance that they will have either Katie or myself. Doula work is a strong calling of mine and after 9 months of having clients, I am just starting to learn how there is a schedule balancing act... :)


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