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Friday, September 04, 2009

"Good Bye Salmonberries"

This evening the kids and I took a walk down the road after dinner. Stuey and Nora eagerly got their yogurt containers to hold gathered berries and we went out the door with Stuey chiming "booberries, mamma". I just love the kids enthusiasm for berries-for something so simple and natural which brings so much joy. The berry season has REALLY winded down. Almost all the berries Stuey gathered caused him to do a serious pucker. There were a few edible ones-mainly strawberries which we find along the bottom edge of cliffside road at the end.

Nora really understood today how there are few berries left. I told her that winter is coming. And with it brings snow. She got excited about sledding and going down a hill "really fast." As we walked some more, I could hear her saying, "good bye salmon berries. I will miss summer." I think she thought that winter will be tomorrow, as when I talked about going to bed, she replied, "Ok Mamma. So its really dark, we'll go to bed and when we wake up there'll be snow outside?" I chuckled to myself and explained that it will probably be a while before snow.

The house is quiet as I write this--Patrick and Ray are on a hunt and will be back tomorrow. The moon is bright and full tonight and I am ready for bed. The week began with me helping a mom in labor and ended with giving a presentation on ergonomics at KANA today. Lots of great times with friends in between as well as work! Time for some zzzzz'ssss.


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My Little Family: said...

I am looking forward to the change of season. I love fall.