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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lynn Hill and Fishing with Bob & Matt

No that's actually not Lynn Hill that's Nora. The girl is a climber. Last night we went to the Banff Film Festival 'Radical Reels' and both Zoya and I were most impressed by the woman free soloist climber. That woman was confident! (I did not catch her name, but Lynn Hill will do as the prototypical awesome female climber). The female free soloist was the coolest person in the whole show. And now I find Nora likes to climb. Do we have a Lynn Hill on our hands? That'd make daddy proud! Top 2 photos of our own little free soloist climbing the slate cliffs at the mouth to the Buskin.

The bottom 2 photos are of Matt and Bob fruitlessly casting for silver salmon at the mouth of Buskin River. We fished at the mouth right next to a fly fisherman (a purist). He caught 5 and we caught none. You had to love it, but it hurt. But we did catch 2 silvers yesterday - so at least we will not be shut out. Perhaps the fly rod might join the mix tomorrow?


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Sue and Brian said...

My favorite part is that she's climbing in her dress! Go girl! ~Sue