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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Public Lecture Thursday Night

Zoya and the kids are up in Anchorage until tomorrow, and I'm here on Kodiak, sitting at the computer, putting together a powerpoint lecture. On Thursday night (7 PM) at the Alutiiq Museum I'll be presenting the results of our recent archaeological surveys of Kodiak's interior.

Since 2002 the Alutiiq Museum has been surveying Kodiak's biggest lakes and rivers. We've surveyed the Ayakulik/Red river system, Olga Lakes, Uganik River, and Karluk Lake. In the process we've learned a lot about the history of Alutiiq fishing practices and about how the Alutiiq used Kodiak's interior landscapes through time. For the last two years we've been dodging bears and surveying on Karluk Lake. Come to the museum on Thursday night and I'll tell you all about it. Patrick

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