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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back in the saddle

After my opening day failure to harvest a deer, it was reassuring and very satisfying to succeed this past weekend. However, I will add that the title of the post refers to what it felt like to carry over a 100 pounds of deer for over 4 hours with over a thousand feet of climbing. I felt like the deer was riding me like a horse!

Gregg and I camped out Saturday night and found our deer at dawn Sunday. We got back late in the afternoon - needless to say we were whooped.

Photos: Gregg silhouetted a by the sunrise at dawn as we set out to hunt. Two little guys check us out while we look for bigger deer. Gregg and I with our deer. Finally the long trek home. Patrick

1 comment:

Akensee4miles said...

Nice work Patrick! It looks like you're already ahead in your Tour of ANC training regimen. -Bruce