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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nora's 4!

Last night we had a birthday BBQ for Nora-she is 4! Roxann and Mike brought Dora ballons, people brought ran around inside and out-good times were had. Nora had a Dora The Explorer cake. Nora's birthday tends to signify the beginning of school season, and the beginning of fall. All day yesterday, Nora said, "I'm excited for the party. My best friends will come over!"

This morning there is a fall crispness to the air-I welcome the change of seasons, as does Patrick. Means skiing will be coming in 2 months! I never used to say that, but after being with Patrick for so many years, his enthusiasm for winter has rubbed off on me!


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Akensee4miles said...

Happy B-Day Nora! How was the cake? Did you dance at your party? BTW, Zoya, I just read a fascinating article in the NYT about the intelligence of lil ones: