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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anchorage Times

Yesterday I returned from a 3 day trip to Anchorage to see family! Ella and Dicky were in Anchorage for 3 days so we got time in with them.

It was a fun trip, although traveling with a 2 and a half year old and a 4 year old sure keeps it exciting!

Here are some of the memorable moments....

Stuey experienced his worst temper tantrum to date in the check out line at Fred Meyer. The checker lady was moving as fast asa he could and my over-tired 2 year old started screaming and flailing his arms. Not quite sure what he was mad about, but he was MAD. I was doing all I could to not let him scratch/claw at my face...trying to contain his arms so he wouldn't hurt me or anyone else. Nora stood and watched the whole thing. I finally was able to get him buckled into the front seat of the cart (with the checkers kind assist) and we got out of there fast.
It took him a good 10 minutes to calm down once we were in the car. Poor guy. He as SO tired.
The funny part is that as I was driving away, I thought, "I'm so glad that happened in Anchorage and not Kodiak, because I don't know people in the Fred Meyer in Anchorage."
WRONG. On Facebook, a high school friend commented, "Hi Zoya-I thought I saw either you or your sister in Fred Meyer today but you looked "occupied" with your son, so I didn't go over to say hi." Too funny! So there was someone I knew there!

My brother-in-law, Todd, took the kids for a walk around the property one evening when I was out to dinner with Ella nad Dicky. They came upon a wasp nest and Nora got stung several times. As Todd recalled the story to me, he said that the stings didn't bother Nora nearly as much as the fact that she lost her heart headband somewhere in the bushes during the time of the wasp attack. He said they got back to the house and he put some ice on the stings. She cried and cried over the fact that she didn't have her head band, so poor Todd had to go back out and retrieve it! Bless his heart. One ice cream cone later, she was as good as new and hasn't even brought up the wasp incident since!

We got lots of time with family, and the kids got good Cousin Kellen, Cousin Ben, Auntie Bonnie, Auntie Ella, Uncle Dicky, Uncle Todd, Grandma and Grandpa time in. They warmed up to Todd VERY quickly--he was a bit hit when he put Stuey's new underwear on his head and danced around. The kids thought that was a HOOT!! THe kids didn't get confused with Ella and I...I think maybe once Stuey walked over to Ella thinking it was me, but they even made jokes about Ella not being mommy. Stuey would point to Ella and say, "mommy?? Noooo...." and have a big smile on his face.

Pictures are of Ella, Stuey and Nora at the Anchorage zoo. I was amazed by the size of that place! They have lots of exhibits! Pretty impressive. I'm glad theres not an elephant there anymore, however.... :) Bottom photos is of Todd and Nora sporting Stuey's under-roos!


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