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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The dig ends

We started to backfill the archaeological excavation Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon, 2 full days of back-breaking labor later, we finished. The dig is over!

Backfilling is not fun, but it is a very important part of archaeology. Backfilling protects sites from erosion and site vandals. It also shows an appreciation for the place that you excavated. No one likes to see an ugly unfilled hole. I always try and leave an archaeological site looking just like I found it. I bet that next year a visitor to the site will not be able to tell that we excavated the site this year. We even contoured the old house depression to match what we originally found

Anyhow - here are some photos of the final product. I also made a time-lapse movie of the whole process that you can watch on youtube:
Enjoy! Patrick

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