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Monday, August 17, 2009

Matt & Melissa's wedding

Last weekend I went to LA for a good friend, Melissa Dover's wedding. She married a wonderful person-Matt Gandal. The wedding ceremony took place on the beach in Ventura, just north of Los Angeles. The weather was gorgeous and it was fun to meet Melissa and Matt's friends and family from all over. Traveling alone on an airplane is SO simple as compared to traveling with kids. I read a whole book, took naps, rented a digi-player....stared into space. Things that would NEVER happen with toddlers on an airplane!

There were many of us from Kodiak at the ceremony and it was fun to all be together--Balika H., Erin H., Jess R., Sara B. & Anne O. I laughed with Balika and Erin about how it takes an out of state wedding for me to really have a chance to catch up with both of them! Too funny. Our lives have all been so busy this summer.....


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