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Friday, June 26, 2015

Close Up

I'm still loving my Olympus TG3's ability to take super close-up photos.  This morning at work I wanted to check the etched design in a 500 year-old incised pebble and I was amazed at the detail I could see in the photo but not with my aged eyes.  I even used the camera like a magnifying glass to examine my old site field notes and get details from maps I was entering into an Excel spreadsheet.  I guess I should be buying a hand lens, but hey, the TG3 does the job!

Then at home I went on a walk and took pictures of the various flowers I encountered.  The photo stacking feature is kind of amazing - how it keeps everything in focus.  It makes flower pictures easy.


Evil invasive hawkweed

Nootka Rose

Potato plant leaves from my garden

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Stunning photo on many levels. Thanks for sharing. We have a several sites here on our farm in Vermont from the past two periods of glaciation to the present. We try to pay attention to what erodes out. After seeing your picture here, I'll pay much closer attention. Last summer we enjoyed a few days along the Denali highway and all the sites documented throughout the area.

Just a note on your recent fishing experience with the uppity interlopers: simple respect for the rights of others who currently occupy, does not often extend beyond ones tribe. I had to boot all the local hunters from our woodlot because they had no respect for my rights as the land owner. It is mystifying when they want to bully rather than parley.