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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Morning Photo Safari

This morning Stuey, Nora and I took the dogs and our cameras for a walk in the park - a photo safari!  Initially, the kids were way into close ups of flowers, slugs and raindrops, but in the park they started to take pictures of trees, rocks and the landscape.  Down on the beach we even took underwater photos in the tidepools.  Stuey got a great one of a baby sculpin, but it did not make the final cut because it was not in focus.

Back home we edited all the photos together and picked out the best 4 photos from each of us.  Patrick

Nora taking a close up of bark fungus

Stuey's 4 Photo

Close up of Mr slug - he reminds me of the snail in 'Spongebob'

Raindrops on spruce bough

Budding foxglove (digitalis) near the park entrance

'watercolor' filter of the spruce trees in the park

Nora's 4 Photos

raindrops on Fireweed leef


Pushki and bugs

The beach at the park

Daddy's 4 photos

Raindrop on fireweed



Wild iris (blue flag) by the lake

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