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Monday, June 29, 2015

Stuey's Animal Drawing Book

Last week Stuey attended 'Salmon Camp' here in town at the local USFWS Refuge Center.  At camp he kept a daily notebook and learned all sorts of stuff about salmon, plants and general outdoor 'science stuff'.  He'd come home and use words like 'predator', 'camoflage', and even 'ecosystem'.  Clearly he was learning a lot and having a good time doing it.

One evening we noticed him drawing and writing about different animals in a homemade notebook and assumed it was something brought home from 'Salmon Camp'.  The next day when Zoya was dropping  Stuey off at camp and she commented to the instructors about how much she liked Stuey's animals book.  They did not know anything about it - Stuey, inspired by Salmon Camp, had come up with the illustrated notebook all on his own!


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