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Monday, February 03, 2014

Spruce Cape

Over the weekend we took a couple walks out Spruce Cape.  For the first hike we took along the little radios I use for archaeological surveys.  Basically they are really, really good 'walky talkies'.  I remember the walky talkies of my youth - you were lucky if you could talk to each other across an open field.  The kids would split up and talk to each other.  I noted that Zoya has the best walky talky of all - her cell phone.

The best part about the SpruceCape hike is the beach at the end.  Nora and Stuey found little perches on the bank and we threw sticks into the water for the dogs.  Tank can now swim pretty well and he negotiated some pretty large breaking waves.  It was doggie surfing.  Hard to believe that at the beginning of summer he could not swim at all, and it was very difficult to get him into the water.


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