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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Escaping the Sunday Afternoon Blues

Since I've known Patrick, he and I have both occasionally experienced  the Sunday afternoon blues. This unique case of the blues occurs when Monday is inching closer and the return to work is impending, and you could really use a 3rd weekend day to get all of those extra tasks accomplished.

This afternoon I had a serious case of the Sunday afternoon blues, so I texted a popular babysitter of ours to see if she could come over for a few hours while Patrick and I went to dinner.

We went to the Powerhouse and tried some of their amazing new raw Tuna dishes. The quality of the fish was something else-so delicious and smooth texture.

As Patrick and I  ate and looked at the eagles and sea lions over the channel, Patrick told me about the new trails which were being built along the channel on Near Island. He said, "There is a new trail going right along side the channel in those trees right there. How about after dinner we could go walk it?"

The hike along the channel sounded like a good idea until we stepped outside into the winter air.  The sun was quickly descending behind the mountains in the Southwest. I quickly got into the car and my teeth gave a preliminary chatter as my jacket wasn't designed for winter.
"Brr…I'm cold. Yeah lets not walk. Lets drive somewhere." I suggested.

"Really, Zoya?" Patrick replied, "Lets try this new trail. I think you'll like it. Once we walk you'll warm up. You can wear this hat and gloves".  I skeptically looked up at the sweaty and (potentially) stinky  hat and gloves up on the heating system on the dash…drying from an earlier outing Patrick was on. Little did I know, the gloves were surprisingly dry and warm and I figured I had to at least give the hike a try.

We parked in the North End Parking lot and hiked down to the new trail and it was so fun scouting out the new path. It was marked with white flags and went alongside the channel. As the cars drove over head on the bridge, a large rumbling sound was produced. It was fun to be right under the bridge.

We had moments of short sprints to help warm up and, in the end,  I was so glad we did the hike. Something I love about being married with Patrick is that life is full of so many adventurous moments. Never did I imagine that after dinner we'd be hiking on a new trail alongside the channel on Near Island.

My favorite dates with Patrick are of the outdoor variety.


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