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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow fun

We finally have a taste of winter here in Kodiak.

The past week the temperatures have been in the teens and low 20's. There is enough snow to ski on and today we headed out to the golf course with  kids, sleds and skis.

Nora and Stuey had their friend Estella along and they had a blast sledding on the one large hill at the golf course. I leisurely skied around the course 2x and thought about how nice it is to ski without the pressure of training for a race. I decided I"m definitely not doing the tour of anchorage this year-primarily because of the lack of snow that there has been to train on.

Patrick would push the kids down the hill, or pull them along on his skis which brought the kids more speed on their way down the hill.

The sun was so bright and it felt good to be out in the cool winter air.


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