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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Believing in Pluto & Free time

As I write this, Stuey just poked his head out of his bedroom door and said, "Mom, I believe in the other planet." 

Today he learned about the names of the planets in school and did a most precious art projects with simple drawings of all the planets. He asked why Pluto isn't a planet and I said it was now considered a "dwarf" planet because it doesn't meet the planet qualifications.  He seemed disappointed in this, like Pluto was somehow left out of the party. I'm right with him...I believe in Pluto, too!

Recently, on a less-celestial topic- I've become a big believer in free time.  Thats right...time with no commitments and no certain plans.  

The past few months I've had a chance to slow down and rediscover who I am and what I like to do in my down time. With the help of a fabulous therapist, Deborah D,  Click here, I've learned the power of not overcommitting and really evaluating what brings me joy and how do I want my free time to be spent. Therapist Deborah has her Masters in Counseling and her Masters in Art Therapy which is a heavenly combination. Never before could I have imagined that my art and drawings could be a venue for my personal growth and healing. 

 For years, I thought it was "normal" to really not have much free time. Between being a business owner, physical therapist, mom, wife, friend, etc...I literally ran out of hours in the day at times. Now, I've reclaimed that very important "me" time. 

"Me" time that is good for reading a book for pleasure, sitting on the couch just looking at a fire, making cookies, watching Patrick cook dinner, watching a movie, writing letters, journaling, etc. True soul food activities. 

I've been going to  Deborah D., for over 2 months now and at my most recent session I asked her, "So since I'm feeling great, how do I ensure that I continue feeling this way? What is the magic recipe?" She kindly smiled and explained to me that maintaining good emotional health is like maintaining good physical health. It takes consistent effort and attention...and isn't something to be just taken for granted. This sounded very similar to exercise or having a healthy relationship. If there isn't regular attention to it, systems start failing. 

Looking at mental health from this angle was a first for me. I've always been a fairly upbeat, happy person and now I know how to help keep that positive, upbeat energy to my life. Deborah helped me find my magic recipe... 


trekking along

Nora and the setting winter sunshine

A quick ski on the lake today after work. My first time skiing in jeans! 

A Stuey-mommy selfie!

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