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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finding Empty Space

Its been 2 days of incredible winds here in Kodiak...blowing at least 60 mph at times. Weather like this lends itself to fires in the fireplace, reading, movies,  book club and cleaning.

On Saturday, Nora motivated me to do some spring cleaning of a corner which was covered in paper and books. The junk corner of note was  atop a counter in our living room and was becoming quite an eyesore. Stuey kept saying, "Mom, I bet if you clean it off, you'll find money. Maybe $100?"

As I sorted through the odds and ends in the stack, I didn't find $100, but I realized how swamped I really have been the last couple of years. It was so viscerally satisfying to throw old papers away, save old art work from the kids over the years.  Now the counter is now free of anything.

 Empty space- a rare commodity in a house where there is such a big influx and outflux of papers, mail, magazines, etc. An empty counter almost begs to be filled up.

I'm welcoming this empty space into my life. In my house, my mind, my time. To learn, grow, there has to be empty space first. Clear the slate, so to speak.

(And Patrick LOVES this trend of mine! he says, before I met you Zoya, I used to dust the house once a week. And I believe him.)


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