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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dog Days of Winter

Skiing has continued on lake Gertrude in Ft. Abercrombie, golf course and upper buskin. 

Stuey loves being speedy guy...charging ahead. His little legs kick and glide so effortlessly. I wonder when or how it suddenly happened, but now I have to work a tad bit to keep up with him as he sprints. 

Nora brings up the back of the back as she walks along and tells herself stories. For her, the time outside is decompression time from the busy-ness of the day. Today Patrick hung in the back with her and even towed her along for fun for part of the way. 

 On the lake this afternoon, there was more skiing on big sheets of ice than snow, but it didn't matter. It was about being outside together. 


A random one~On our way home from a friends wedding reception last weekend.... Stuey somehow obtained a pair of beer goggles!

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