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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Camera Safari with Stuey

Yesterday Stuey and I took the dogs for a walk into Abercrombie to check the lake ice.  Stuey was super excited to use the new camera he got for his birthday (my old camera).  So off we went on a picture taking safari.  We checked the ice and it was not quite thick enough to be safe, but it should be safe soon.  Stuey can't wait to go skiing on the lake, and it will be convenient to have skiing so close to home.

Before we left the house I turned on the GPS in each of our cameras, and set them to track our route.  When we got back we downloaded the GPS tracks into Google Earth and it was super funny to watch the little triangles side by side toggling through our route.  One triangle represented Stuey's camera and the other my camera.  Where we paused to take pictures or checked the ice the triangles also paused and turned this way and that.

Stuey is getting to be a pretty good photographer.  His pictures are well composed and he is experimenting with exposure, 'zooming in',  and the different 'effects' the camera comes with.  I really like his 'fragmented' picture of Zoya adding air to the tire of her car at the Petro Express.


My version of silhouetted trees

Stuey added a shadow on the lake to his version

My version of sunlight through the tree trunks

Stuey's version of light through the tree trunks - I think it is better than my picture

Stuey took this one Mommy adding air to her tire from his seat in the car

Stuey's picture of tracks on the lake

Our route as tracked by the GPS in my camera - Stuey's tracked the route too, but there was a few gaps on his GPS route

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Molly Odell said...

Those are some great photos, Stuey!