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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Teepee Time

The 12 person cook teepee got lots of use in Afognak. We are all fans of sitting around the warm woodstove and stocking the fire (especially Stuey!!). 

Below, Lisa prepared an appetizer of smoked salmon she had made atop crackers and cream cheese. The smoked salmon was  sweet and soft. 

Stuey was particularly attached to two small rocks, which he used as a plate. He would put his small piece of sausages on it and savor every morsel.

On a rainy Sunday morning, Rachel brought out a card game called  "Tell Tale". It was composed of lots of pictures on round cards and each of us would take a turn telling a story with the pictures.

One shuffle later, it would be the next persons turn. It was quite funny to see what stories transpired from the interpertations of the cards! Nora especially got into it and told probably 5 stories with the cards. Stuey watched.

On the trip we learned that Rachel is a Golden Scout (Female version of eagle scout!). She shared one of her girl scout songs, "the Beaver song" (with cool hand movements to go along). We had a hoot singing it throughout the weekend.

On that same blustery Sunday morning, Patrick and Gregg cooked up a breakfast of hash browns and corned beef has as well as many rounds of coffee and tea. There was a small mishap with the Coleman stove before everyone arose; a gas leak which lead to large uncontrollable flames coming from the small cook stove. Luckily the game bags were nearby, which Patrick threw on the flames to smother it. Quick thinking on his part. (I, on the otherhand, was outside slightly panicking and about to wake the entire camp to help.) Alls well that ends well. And I'm hoping that coleman stove is retired soon.

Rachel and Nora curled up on the floor of the tent. Good times on 'Fognak!


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