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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Family Subsistence Hunt

While out on Afognak we hiked up the mountain one day and shot a deer.  On the other day we set a longline and caught some fish.  I REALLY hope this is the start a new annual family tradition - the Afognak subsistence hunt.  As Nora put it when I came back to camp with part of a deer on my back, 'Daddy this is the first time we go hunting with you'.  It turns out that everyone in camp even heard the shot that killed the deer (pretty unbelievable considering we were 3 miles away).  I can see the day when Nora and Stuey climb up the mountain with us to go deer hunting.  I hope they also learn how to pick a net for salmon and catch halibut and cod on a longline.

It was really windy up on top and most of the deer were down in the trees to avoid the wind.  We were happy just to find a legal deer to harvest.  Below we start the hike for home with packs full of deer.

Nora greets us as we get back to the beach by camp.  They had a fire going and were cooking hotdogs for lunch.

We hung the deer meat in a tree to cool it off and keep it away from prowling bears.

Unfortunately there are no fishing pictures - it was a really nasty day. But I'm sure we'll have 'Fognak fishing pictures in the future.  Patrick

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