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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Five

It seems that every year about this time I get to feeling a little flabby - my annual 'fall 5'.  I'm usually in peak condition at the end of ski season in early summer.  And then comes August, and beer, and cookouts, and no more skiing.  I become a weekend warrior.  I  hunt for exercise on weekends, and just get by during the week walking the dogs for an hour or so in Abercrombie Park.  Hunting on the weekends and walking the dogs is not enough to keep the flab at bay - certainly not enough if you like to eat like I do. And so every year at this time I annoy Zoya with complaints about getting fat.

But the end is in sight - winter is on its way.  Winter is when I get back into shape.  Today I actually started to train on 'mother nature's stair-climber' for the upcoming ski season.  Like last year - I have started to climb the North Sister every day or so for exercise.  The photos are the view from the top when I climbed up today.  As you can see, it's already getting to be fall colors.  Patrick

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