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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hoarding Tendencies and Our Household Daisy

Our little Stuey has hoarding tendencies. 

According to, 
Hoarding is defined as 
noun: a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefullyguarded for preservation, future use, etc.: a vast hoard of silver.
verb (used with object)
 to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in ahidden or carefully guarded place: to hoard food during shortage.

 Patrick and I noticed the hoarding tendencies beginning over a  year ago. Stuey loves to save EVERYTHING. If a package comes in the mail, he wants to save the box. And the packaging that goes along with the item in the box. He puts things in his bedroom, and in his corner in the living room. The picture above is a cleaned up version. It was MUCH worse until I 'kindly' demanded that he tidy it up and downscale it. (and a sidenote....After he took away 3 small tables of stuff, he said, "see mom...I cleaned it up. Isn't it beautiful?" I had to smile to myself. Beautiful isn't quite the word to describe the corner, but in his mind it was!)
Stuey often keeps his junk tables  nicely lined up and organized.  Sometimes when he is sleeping I do a clean sweep and throw garbage away and clean it up. Stuey doesn't mind and he even thanks me for cleaning the corner up. It is like a growth in our living room, where it could take over our living room if we didn't clean it up periodically. I think Stuey gets that concept and therefore doesn't get mad at me.

On another note, we have a Girl Scout in the house! Nora is officially a Daisy. Complete with smock and a sewed on daisy. It'll be a whole new experience for both of us, as I never did girl scouts as a kid. Nora is excited  that several of her girlfriends her age who don't go to the same school as her will be in her Daisy Troop.


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