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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


This Labor day weekend we went out to Afognak Island for 2 nights. We went with our friends, Matt and Rachel and Lisa and Gregg.  Matt and Patrick took a skiff out to Afognak (many thanks to our friend John S. for loaning it to Matt!) and the rest of us took a float plane out. 

 The moon was full our first night there and it was so  beautiful on the water.
 Each time we go to Afognak, I fall more and more and more in love with it. I love washing the dishes in the ocean and sand. I love the sounds the sea otters and loons make on the ocean. I love the sound of the wind going through the trees on the point. I love how the kids are at an age where they can run and explore on the beach and play on their own.  

Each time we go, I think we each learn something new, and something about ourselves. The kids become a little more self-reliant, as do I at camp life. And we have such a fun time together as a family, exploring, cooking, etc.

The camp site. The cook tent is the white one on the left, red tent is for Patrick and I and the ones on the right are the kids. 

Arriving on Afognak.

View from the beach up into Litnik Bay. With Gregg sitting on a log doing a crossword puzzle.

Stuey helps Rachel with the fire.

Matt cuts up a watermelon.

We enjoyed a lovely fire on the beach on which we cooked hot dogs!

Stuey is the FIRE guy. He sat by the fire all the time and loved putting logs in. It was hard to peel him away from the fire he enjoyed it so much!


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