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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sheep Hunting Husband

Patrick and his friend Gregg are off in the Brooks Range Sheep Hunting. This is Patrick's first hunting/hiking trip to the Interior and he has been looking forward to it for many months. When he arrived, he called and said, "These mountains are HUGE. Its a little intimidating". He talked about how the scenics are absolutely spectacular.

I can tell from his voice that he misses the kids and is so curious about Nora's first week at kindergarten. He went from full on archaeology season to leaving for the sheep hunt, so he hasn't had much down time with the family. I can't wait to see his pictures and hear more of his stories. What an adventure he and Gregg are having in such beautiful country!

Patrick says there are lots of sheep that come through camp, but they aren't "harvestable" (ie shoot-able) because they don't have a complete curl on their horn. That is the extent of my knowledge about sheep hunting...they must have a full curl. He says they have seen lots of caribou as well.

Meanwhile, back at the farm-Nora has been home sick for two days with a rough cold. Tomorrow she'll definitely be headed back to kindergarten. And tomorrow Stuey starts his regular preschool routine. The week after Stuey and Nora begin their dance classes begin and thus begins the official fall routine!

And, No...that isn't a picture Patrick took...just stock images from Google....Sorry to disappoint the blog readers who are into hunting... Can't wait to see Patrick's Brooks Range Pictures!


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