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Friday, August 19, 2011

First day of Kindergarten-Done!!

Its over--Nora's first day of kindergarten~

I didn't cry when I dropped her off!! The night before I did a small amount of crying--Patrick didn't understand and asked, "Its a happy thing. Why are you crying?". I sobbed, "Be-e-e-c-cc--ausee she is really growing up now...and on her journey of school." I stammered. It was hard to explain why it was so bittersweet. I think because it is a much anticipated milestone with kids and for it to finally arrive seemed monumental. For her to have a teacher who expects things from her, fellow new friends, a new school. I think I sensed Nora's angst and ran with it.
(And just to note-Patrick just told me he cried on his way to work after dropping Nora off!!! I'm glad he was able to admit that to me...)

The day couldn't have gone better. I asked Nora's teacher if I could pick her up at 2 and the teacher said no problem. Kindergarten runs from 8:40-3, which seems a little long for Nora so I was glad the teacher was fine with me getting her early. After the kids dropped their things off in the classroom, the kids lined up in the gym and it made me realize how small the school was. There were only 80 or so kids in the gym I believe. All the teachers, the new priest, the new principal were there. They all introduced themselves and then said a few prayers.

The kids stood incredibly still and quiet in the lines, even the young ones as they listened to the teachers. One of the teachers read a story from the bible, which took several minutes. After she was done, the principal began asking questions about the story, which kids raised their hands and started answering. Admittedly, I wasn't listening to the story-but rather thinking about my day, etc. Made me feel bad that I hadn't been listening more intently to the details of the story. I liked that the expectation was on the students to be listening to all the details of the story and to be able to recall them.

Shortly after that the kids filed to their class rooms and I left.
When I returned at 2 to get Nora, her teacher remarked that several of the kids had said they were tired, including Nora-so it was a perfect time to get her. The afternoon was fun and Nora and Stuey played with Leo and Zeke. I had anticipated Nora to be more exhausted then she was, but she really had lots of play energy in her. I was glad I picked her up early--before she got completely drained.

All in all, her first day couldn't have gone better. Today is her birthday and we're bringing cookies to her class to share!


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Jessy said...

Yay for Nora! I'm glad it went so well. Porter's first day is next week, and I'm pretty sure I'm a lot more worked up about it than he is. Happy Birthday too!