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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Eve of Kindergarten

Nora starts kindergarten tomorrow and I am feeling giddy with excitement for her.

Yesterday I read the book "Twas the night before kindergarten" to her and I started crying at the end of it. The last part of the story is how the parents drop the kids off on the first day and they are standing in the hallway crying...and the kids are saying, "bye mommy, bye daddy-don't cry". Its a very sweet book that my friend Alexis loaned to me in anticipation of Nora starting school tomorrow.

The past few days Nora frequently says, "mom-I'm scared about kindergarten" yet she couldn't quite articulate why. Tonight I told her I would drive her to safeway for groceries and she could pick out special lunch food. She love this idea and on the way there, she said, "mom-i don't want kids to make fun of me". I re-assured her and said, "Nora, kids won't make fun of you." She said, "My heart is just upside down right now." I was so glad she could articulate that to me, because at times this week, my heart has been upside down as well.

Nora starting kindergarten feels way different than when she started preschool. Preschool has always had a drop-in type of feel to it. Kindergarten is their first step into the world- On their own. With a whole school of teachers to guide them. I'm not sure why I'm emotional about it-maybe because I'm tired. And Nora is tired, but ready. She has been losing sleep on and off for weeks and having dreams about going to St. Mary's. I think I've lost a little sleep as well. We're ready for her to do it. She turns 6 the day after kindergarten and I can confidently say, She is READY!


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