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Sunday, August 14, 2011

August-Sun and Fun

August has been a beautiful one in Kodiak. Really, the whole summer has been beautiful. Yesterday at an outdoor wedding I attended, I heard someone say, "This is the nicest summer I remember in 20 years" and I believe it. There has been little rain, little wind and lots of sunshine and "warm" weather. The lack of rain isn't good for the fish, however... but the kids sure love it!

This next week is a big one for our family-Nora starts kindergarten and she turns 6. This weekend we tried on her St. Mary's uniform and she likes it. I am getting excited/nervous/excited/nervous about the start of kindergarten for her.

I know it will all go well--she is very ready this fall, and so I feel good about that. And she will be in a class with one of her good friends, so I don't have to worry about her not knowing anyone the first day. The first day of kindergarten is a big milestone---sending them off on their learn, eat lunch, go to recess.... I think I will be more nervous then her.

Can't believe summer is wrapping down. It has gone so fast. But lots of great times at the beaches, parks, and our yard under the sprinkler.


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philip sims said...

It was good to see Stuart and Nora out walking on Parkside drive two weeks ago. They were very friendly even they didn't have a clue who I was! It was a good visit, nearly three weeks for me. I hated to come home. Peace
philip sims